Golden Strategies
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Golden Strategies is a consulting firm that offers a professional and strategic approach to improving your sales process, increasing your revenue, and providing expertise on the Washington, DC market. The services provided by Golden Strategies include sales consulting, Washington thought leadership, and digital strategy.




Sales Consulting


Throughout my career I have consistently exceeded revenue goals and managed successful sales teams by focusing on relationship building, proposing strategic ideas, and not being afraid to ask for money. I can coach you through the sales cycle from prospecting to close, and help ensure you are talking to the right people and asking the right questions. I can create a comprehensive sales strategy for your business, or offer audits of your current business development approach. My recommendations will help you increase revenue and provide rigor for your future process.


Washington Thought Leadership

Let's face it: Washington is a complex town. While those of us who live here understand the inner workings, it is a challenging market to navigate for companies based outside of the District. With over a decade of experience in DC, and 5+ years of working in Twitter's Washington office, I understand the need for an expert advisor as you start to build a team on the ground in DC. I can help you navigate your entry into the market by introducing you to the right people, mapping out the seasonality, and providing all of the details necessary to build a successful business operation in the political and issue advocacy market.


Digital Strategy

Running a smart digital program is mission critical for success in this day and age. As you start to think through your approach, I can advise you on which platforms to use for which purposes, how to determine appropriate budgets to invest, and help you devise a launch plan to ensure your campaign is met with positive engagement. After selling digital advertising for the past decade, I have a deep understanding of how to craft a targeted and thoughtful approach that will allow you to reach key stakeholders through critical social and digital channels.